Our Cabinet Range

We freshly bake and prepare our sweets and savouries in our cafes, with choices for every appetite including Gluten Free and other special options.

Our cabinet range includes delightful items such as:

Chocolate Date Fudge Brownie (Gluten Free) – a decadent rich chocolate fix.
Frangipane Tart- a sweet almond tart made with seasonal fruit.
Cherry Ripe - a wonderful mix of chocolate and cherry - what more to say?
Carrot Cake – a real delight with carrot, cinnamon and pistachios.
Orange and Date Scone – the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea!
Sweet Muffins – freshly baked each morning with seasonal ingredients.

Our Cabinet Range:Chocolate Date Fudge Brownies  Our Cabinet Range:Frangipane Tart  Our Cabinet Range: Cherry Ripe

Savoury Tarts – with many to choose from it’s hard to pick a favourite.
Sausage Rolls – our own take on a favourite, made with Pork, Fennel and Apple.
Paleo Muffins – just one of our delicious Lifestyle Favourites options that is gluten and dairy free.
Bacon and Egg Pie – a generous deep dish version of the Kiwi tradition.
Beef Lasagne – for a hearty lunch with a rich, traditional Bolognaise Sauce seasoned to perfection.
Sweet Chilli Chicken and Noodle Salad – just one of our salads that are nutritionist and dietitian approved.

Our Cabinet Range:  Savoury Tarts   Our Cabinet Range: Salad  sausage-rolls.jpg

Classic sandwiches and wraps
Ham and Cheese Croissant – the perfect fix, finished with a generous dollop of mustard.
Door Stop Sandwich – our version of the classic ham and cheese toastie.
Club Sandwich – a much loved classic with ham, egg and creamy mayonnaise.
Tandoori Chicken Wrap – nutritionist and dietitian approved and still full of flavour.

Our Cabinet Range: HFG Recipe Tandoori Chicken Wrap  Our Cabinet Range:  Door Stop Sandwich  Our Cabinet Range:Club Sandwich